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What is obesity? It is the state of the body wherein accumulation of fat leads to overweight. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases indirectly, as in, diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders, heart diseases, cancer, depression, arthritis etc. If proper care is not taken to control weight, one is liable to be affected by one of the above problems. Due to low metabolic rate and improper food habits, men and women put on weight.

Aged people suffer a lot due to back pain/knee pain as a result of overweight from a bulging stomach. For men and women, the worst stage of the stomach is reached with the sagging lower abdomen in a folded pattern. This situation normally arises due to improper food habits and care, at the early stages. Women develop a saggy stomach after delivery especially after a caesarean section and also due to menopause, removal of uterus etc. Overweight in women leads to infertility besides rejection as a prospective bride.
There has been an increased awareness in men and women, nowadays, on the consequences of overweight. People have turned to walking, fitness workouts, yoga, massages, and herbal and ayurvedic medicines for slimming. Walking and yoga can maintain body weight and good health but cannot drastically reduce bodyweight or tummy reduction.Fitness workouts depend on one’s ability and the flexibility of the body. Besides, these take a long run for complete cure and again, a person with back pain or disc problem cannot cope with workouts using heavy weights. Slimming capsules have side effects and have not been accepted universally.

The obesity center aims to solve your weight reduction and tummy reshaping irrespective of whatever treatment that you might have undertaken earlier. The easiest and the effortless way to flatten your stomach and reshape your body without heavy workouts or medicines can be achieved with effortless muscle exercising therapy through machines. This products we use has a International Accrediation from FDA (Food Drug Administrator) of USA and also certified for safety and effectiveness by US and ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Assurance.

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Our therapist has given new life to many suffering youngsters. His experience and extraordinary skills has elevated him to the position of an expert in the art of tummy reduction. A visit to the therapy center and a discussion with the therapist will surely give you the firsthand information on the problems and the results. You can observe the therapist at work giving a healthy treatment effortlessly administered and externally targeting fatty areas like stomach, thighs, arms, chests etc.

The program is open to both men and women.Greater the waistline, the shorter the lifeline. Health is wealth. Please visit our center and discuss in person your requirements.

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